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Richard Reid Ritchie is a man who has known the trials and tribulations of life through personal experience. He has witnessed mankind at its very best and very worst. Whilst these experiences alone do not make him unique, most people would not be motivated to reflect upon the reasons why things are as they are and to investigate his own persona in search of answers.
His exploration of religion, mysticism, sociology and other related topics plus active involvement in activities that question the conventional approach to seeking truths have undoubtedly influenced his crafting of words.
Richards writing, challenges the reader to reflect upon their views and emotions relating to the human condition.
It also offers an alternative insight towards a range of problems and worries that beset people in a changing, apparently less caring society. The style of writing is open, honest and graphic, but its purpose is to offer hope, inspiration and enlightenment to the human spirit.
Together with his partner Katrina their work has generated a popular interest and enthusiasm in such a short time as to be available in several selected retail outlets and placed on permanent exhibition within 'Stirling Books' as well as now hanging and decorating the walls of homes in such diverse countries as Italy, Canada, Africa, Germany, America, and Holland. A compact disc has only recently been completed of the 'Prophetic' and esoteric poem "Harken the Herald" with music, vocals and sound effects by Neil Innes and Richard himself.


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